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Published Orthodontic Articles

There are a series of three articles in the Australasian Orthodontic Journal on the mathematics of anterior dental occlusion, this journal is a peer reviewed orthodontic journal recognised around the world for over 4 decades of significant publications. This series describes how overjet can be thought of from summation of one dimentsional measures such as Neff and Bolton described to creating curves for both arches which can be modified in one or both arches. The third dimension is brought into consideration with tooth thickness and overbite. Orthodontic articles are still being written, without referencing this series, which would improve their reasoning, methodology and conclusions if they understood the three dimensional modelling presented.

Mathematical model of anterior dental relations Part 1

Mathematical model of anterior dental relations Part 2

Mathematical model of anterior dental relations Part 3


A seminar article article discussing P R Begg's attritional occlusion model. A theory, when initially presented, can be quite optimistic in its perspective, Kuhn would define this as a new paradigm. Information available at the time can be viewed via the old and new paradigms. This article examined evidence that had been published since Begg's articles on attritional occlusion that did not fit within his theory. Since this has been published a lot of work has been done at the University of Queensland on dental erosion and wear, often linking severe wear to dehydration. The peoples studied by Begg were desert dwellers in central Australia, dehyration could also be an exacerbating factor.

Discussion of Begg's attritional occlusion

In the late 1980's three articles were published in conjunction with Robert Mylchreest and Geoffrey RG Squires on undestanding orthodontics in Dental Outlook. These three articles were aimed at better informing dentists how several types of orthodontic appliances worked and achieved controllable tooth movement. Dental Outlook is still in publication. Dental Outlook articles do not extend back to the 1980s.

Web searches amy also bring up an opinion piece on finishing standards in the Australian Orthodontic Journal, a book review as well as several letters to the editor in American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJODO), and the AJODO also notes my role as one of their peer reviewer over several years.

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