Is your orthodontist really an orthodontist?

The Dental Board of Australia authorises who is called an orthodontist in Australia.

Take a minute to check the register, it's easy and will confirm if your orthodontist really is what they say they are.


Look up the Australian Government's register.

  1. Look up
  2. Type in the practitioner's name and suburb or postcode then press enter or select the search button
  3. On the results page go to the bottom to view details and click 'View Details' on this to take you to the details page
  4. In the bottom segement of the details page it will list the specialty it will have orthodontist listed only if the person is registered as an orthodontist.

What should you do if the name is not listed as an orthodontist?

The specialist titles and Registers are in place for the benefit and protection of the public.

It is in the public interest, your interest, that if you find a title being used improperly you contact the Dental Board of Austrlia

Or in NSW the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission


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